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If you desire lifted, tighter skin on your face or neck without invasive procedures or extensive downtime, PDO thread lift at LipoSculp in Las Vegas, Nevada. Board-certified physician Jennifer Gopeng, MD, MPH, and her experienced team offers MINT™ and Miracu® PDO thread facelifts to achieve a younger look using cutting-edge technologies.

What is a PDO Threads Lift?

A PDO thread lift at LipoSculp offers a revolutionary solution to sagging skin and skin laxity issues. Utilizing biocompatible, thin threads, this non-invasive procedure is expertly designed to lift and tighten sagging skin, particularly in the face and neck area. Unlike traditional cosmetic surgery, the PDO thread lift provides a less risky method of addressing skin laxity by employing absorbable sutures beneath the facial skin. It’s an innovative approach to skin tightening that effectively offers immediate results and a rejuvenated appearance without the need for surgical intervention.

What are the benefits of PDO thread facelifts?

The benefits associated with PDO thread facelifts at LipoSculp include:

  • Tighter skin

  • Skin lifting

  • Reduce lines and wrinkles

  • Younger-looking skin

  • Revitalization

  • Reduced sagging

  • Defined, toned appearance

  • Nonsurgical nose lift options

  • Increased collagen and elastin production

  • No surgery or pain

  • Minimal downtime

PDO threads can take years off your appearance and are an excellent alternative to traditional, more invasive facelift procedures.

The results of this non surgical facelift are immediate, highly effective, and long-lasting. The LipoSculp team may combine them with other cosmetic solutions to achieve more dramatic anti-aging results. They offer PDO thread nose lifts for those of Asian descent and other types of noses.

What happens during a PDO thread facelift?

During a PDO thread facelift, our specialist first cleans and numbs using local anesthesia in the treatment area to ensure comfort while the patient relaxes. Following this, a tiny incision is made, allowing the practitioner to introduce the PDO sutures underneath the skin in carefully chosen areas. These sutures serve to lift and tighten the skin. Once the desired effect is achieved, the incisions are delicately closed.

Who is a good candidate for a PDO thread lift?

Those considering a minimally invasive procedure as an alternative to a traditional facelift may find the PDO thread lift to be a suitable choice. The best candidates are individuals looking for facial rejuvenation by targeting skin sagging and enhancing their overall skin texture to achieve a smoother skin surface. If concerns like a double chin or marionette lines have been bothering you, then you could be a good candidate for this transformative lower face procedure.

Recovery after PDO thread lifts

Following a PDO thread facelift procedure, it’s normal to experience temporary soreness, tenderness, and swelling. It’s essential to maintain the cleanliness of the treated area and refrain from tugging or exerting pressure on it during the recovery time. Should you have any concerns or questions, always feel free to contact the office and ensure you attend all scheduled follow-up visits.

While you’ll notice immediate improvements post-procedure, the appearance of the treated skin will continue to enhance as the swelling reduces. The PDO threads will naturally dissolve over time, but the youthful results they bestow will persist for an extended period.

How much is a PDO thread lift in Las Vegas?

The cost of PDO Thread Lift in Las Vegas generally falls between $200 and $300 per thread. Most patients typically require a minimum of 3 threads for the cosmetic procedure. However, costs can vary depending on factors such as the chosen clinic, the practitioner’s expertise, and the number of threads applied. For a precise quote tailored to your needs for a PDO thread lift, please reach out to us.

PDO thread lifts Q&A

Is a PDO thread facelift right for me?

To determine if you’re a candidate for a PDO thread facelift, you meet with the LipoSculp team who discusses your medical history and desired results. They examine your face, nose, and neck and tailor a treatment plan based on your aesthetic goals. PDO threads are best suited for people who desire tighter, lifted skin but want to avoid surgery and long recovery times.

A PDO thread lift typically provides results lasting between 6 to 18 months. The exact duration often depends on the specific type of PDO threads selected and the individual’s skin type and condition. Some people may experience longer-lasting effects, while others might find the results diminish sooner.

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