About LipoSculp

Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics located in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

Welcome to Our Practice

LipoSculp is a superior cosmetic surgery and aesthetics practice in Las Vegas, Nevada, managed by Board-Certified physician Jennifer Gopeng, MD, MPH, and her expert team.

LipoSculp offers the highest level of care to patients 18 and older using the latest advancements in cosmetic technologies and procedures. The aesthetic specialists have combined of more than 20 years of combined medical experience, ensuring the utmost safety and exceeding patient expectations time and time again.

LipoSculp provides Botox®, Xeomin®, fillers, SylfirmX RF microneedling, SculptX Liposuction, fat transfer, Miracu® and MINT™ PDO thread facelifts, facial peels, medical weight loss, and penile girth enhancements. Patients can also choose nonsurgical Brazilian butt lifts and breast enlargement using autologous fat transfer.

The skilled cosmetic providers treat hair loss, gynecomastia, excess fat pockets, cellulite, lines, wrinkles, other skin imperfections, and additional signs of aging. LipoSculp uses Moeller Vibrastat® liposuction equipment to complete awake liposuction with minimal downtime.

The LipoSculp team helps patients achieve the younger-looking, aesthetically pleasing appearance they desire with natural-looking results and enhanced self-confidence. They understand the importance of superior customer service in addition to the cosmetic procedures offered, as friendly staff members happily assist patients with questions they may have.

The LipoSculp experience is positive from start to finish, from cosmetic consultations to procedures, follow-up visits, and beyond.

The friendly, experienced LipoSculp team welcomes new and existing patients to the practice and enjoys perfecting youthful beauty.

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