Regenerative and Longevity Medicine

In Las Vegas, NV, LipoSculp is a leading provider of innovative Regenerative and Longevity Medicine.

We incorporate NATURAL BIOLOGICS which aims to use the body’s own substances and cells to repair, restore and rejuvenate-potentially treating countless conditions. It contains growth factors, side, collagen,
proteins, hyaluronic acid, peptides.

Regenerative and Longevity Medicine Product and process

Products are derived from birth tissues, recovered at the time of a healthy birth. Prior to delivery, mothers are carefully screened and tested to ensure there is no risk of disease transmission. The donation process causes no harm to the mother or her newborn. All processing is performed in accordance with the FDA, AAB, AAB standards, and regulations.

What is Stem Cell

Stem Cell Therapy is a revolutionary branch of medicine focused on replacing, repairing, renewing, and engineering human cells, tissues, or their components. It utilizes the body’s inherent healing mechanisms to restore function and balance. This treatment is part of regenerative medicine, which includes using perinatal allogeneic stem cells to aid tissue regeneration, reducing pain and managing chronic conditions to improve overall well-being and quality of life.

Regenerative and Longevity Medicine
Products We Use

Contains a network of scaffolding proteins, growth factors, cytokines, extracellular, matrix, and multiple other components needed to create a healing environment. It also has strong anti-inflammatory effect reducing the expression of inflammatory cytokines.

An extra cellular vesicle product derived from Wharton’s jelly that offers advanced healing properties. Extra cellular vehicles are found in all body fluids and are primarily used in cell signaling. Extracellular vesicles are a vital regenerative component, true to their unique ability to transfer information from cell to cell.

Coming Soon.

Sourced from patients’ own blood. Contains growth factors that play a vital role in healing injuries.

Uses of Regenerative and Longevity Medicine
in Las Vegas

Pain management

An alternative to long lasting treatments without the side effects of opioids.

Orthopedic and Sport injuries

That affect the hip, knee, elbow, ankle, shoulder, and foot. These areas do not receive a great deal of blood flow, making it difficult for the body to heal effectively.
Stem cells may boost the body’s natural healing process and rebuild damaged tissue.
Conditions include: ACL, MCL tears, joint arthritis, facets, joint disease, neck, pain, rotator cuff injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, nerves, entrapment, sacroiliac pain, plantar fasciitis, lateral epicondylitis, tendinitis, and ankle, sprains and more.


To fight the physical signs of aging.

Hair restoration

By providing nutrition and promoting new blood supply to the follicle,
increasing hair shaft size and reducing inflammation in the scalp.


We use  TRUEBINDING. Investigational Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics offered for compassionate use for dementia patients.

The Cost of
Regenerative and Longevity Medicine in Las Vegas

The cost of Regenerative and Longevity Medicine at LipoSculp can vary depending on the specific treatment and the extent of therapy required. We offer various financing options, such as Cherry, PatientFi, and CareCredit, to help make treatment accessible to those who need it.